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E-Learning 2015
by zrdc elearning - Monday, 6 April 2015, 10:00 PM

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the 2015 residential program.

During the 10 days of this residential we will cover major topics of our elearning course and this will include:

  1. The objectives and tasks of this course
  2. How to login to to the ZRDC elearning Moodle Platform
  3. How to create a course in Moodle
  4. How to add contents to your Moodle course
  5. How to create and track assaignments, tests and exercises
  6. How to create a grade book for your course
  7. How to enroll students and manage their activities in Moodle.

Please find this video on an Over view to Moodle 2.7

Best Regards,


 What is Moodle 2.7